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Quorum of One is no longer updating regularly because I now write regular humor columns about life in France for and, entitled "C'est Ironique" and "The Ranting Frenchologist" respectively.
Both are in English and require no particular foreknowledge of France, French, or the French. Who, by the way, are much nicer than you have heard. Mostly.
Now, then...
This so-far-final issue of Quorum of One consists of an MP3 file of a recording that took me two years to make.
It's not exactly a musical composition.
I think of it as a literary work that can only exist in audio form.
You will understand why when you listen to it.
Click the link to download an MP3 file of
"Getting To Know Me."
And then check out my other audio offerings:
"Story of the Universe, God, Your Life, Sex, Death And So On"
"Everyone's In Love But You"
"Plastic Bag"


Plus a few piano pieces:
"And Delusions"
"Line Dance"
"High Five"



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