Beautiful Days


Belgian Single
Capitol (EMI) 07243 552243 2 3
"Copy Controlled"

Promo/Radio EP
CASA 006003
"For Promotional Use Only - Not For Sale"

Beautiful Days

Official EP
Delabel (EMI France) 07243 547362 2 3
"Copy Controlled"

Beautiful Days

Belgian Single :

  1. Beautiful Days (radio edit)
  2. Daystar

Promo/Radio EP :

  1. Beautiful Days (radio edit)
  2. A night with an angel
  3. Sleeper 5
  4. Beautiful Days (album)

Official EP :

  1. Beautiful Days (radio edit)
  2. A night with an angel
  3. Beautiful days (Live @ RTL2 ; details at the Bonus EP)

Music by Venus.
Words by Marc A. Huyghens.

Beautiful Days (radio edit) : mixing and additional production by Daniel Presley.

Belgian Single and Promo EP were released between march and may 2003.
Official EP released august 2003.

Sleeper 5 is mislabeled Speeper 5 on the promo EP.


The Belgian single is only available in Belgium, as it's name implies.
The Promo/Radio EP is not for sale. It's been sent to radio stations and medias. Although you might find it in second hand record stores in Paris or Brussels...

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