Box on Marc & Venus, Les Inrockuptibles (F), 09/2002

A box in a feature about Brussels...

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English translation (by your friend the webmaster) :
MARC HUYGENS (sic), singer of the band Venus
Although the hip belgian rock of this early century is under the strong monopoly of Antwerpen bands (dEUS, Dead Man Ray, Soulwax...), Venus stands as one of the few pockets of resistance from Brussels. After Welcome to the modern dancehall in 99 and the sumptuous live with orchestra The man who was already dead recorded during the Nuits du Botanique Festival the following year, the band is currently working on a new album due early 2003, from which the first extracts we heard make the promise to put Venus into mainstream orbit for the next few years. Amused, Marc tells us he has been contacted by the french community of Brussels, which finds that Venus could be a proper ambassador. Despite the fact that the band sings in English, which proves that in Brussels the promotion of the french language isn't of great importance : "Around here, the first English-singing records have turned up just after the war, our parents would as well listen to Jacques Brel as to the Beatles. It's one of the specificities of Belgian musicians. When we started, I was considered to be pretentious because I was thinking on a European scale. Ten years after, you don't have another choice."

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