Venus (Introducing the band for the Dour festival)

Every year some bands tend to stand out from the crowd, bringing something really new, truly different.

Venus is one of them ! Three years ago, Marc Huyghens, Christian Schreurs, Walter Janssens, Thomas Van Cottom and Patrick Carpentier decided to form Venus, using only unplugged instruments.

They toured a lot in Belgium, Luxemburg and The Netherlands, creating in their concerts a peculiar atmosphere thanks to their 5th member, i.e. Patrick, giving a sense of drama to every performance. The band staged in Brussels a show called "Kiss From The Ghost" in a full house several days in a row.

In March 1998 is released the E.P. "Royal Sucker", followed by a tour in Italy. The band got there the opportunity to be signed by Sonica Factory. During the recording of their album "Welcome To The Modern Dance Hall", they were rewarded by the "best band award" at Le Printemps de Bourges in France. Then they were proposed by EMI a distribution deal (with the exception of Belgium (62TV/Bang) and Italy (Sonica Factory)). In late 1999 their debut album is praised by criticism. After touring in France and Belgium, the band will be back as headliner at Le Printemps de Bourges on April 20th, 2000. Their Dour performance will undoubtedly confirm their growing success. Every year some bands bring something new... and we shall hear more about them in the years to come.

Simonb [from Nameless]

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