The Tours :
  Kiss from the Ghost @ Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels (B), Oct. 6 - 11, 1998  

Venus played their show "Kiss from the Ghost" for five times in a row in Brussels in 1998.
Here's the leaflet.

Tract : KFTG @ Halles de Schaerbeek, 1998 (front)

KFTG @ Halles de Schaerbeek,1998 (back)

English translation

"Kiss from the Ghost" is a genuine show, whose main character IS the music.
Logical evolution of the - rather unique in rock - artistic quest on space and story-telling from the band VENUS, "Kiss from the ghost" lets you see the musicians and actors move around in an inner-life "road-movie". A journey between poetic tenderness and violence to experiment... against its own ghosts.

Many thanks to Pierre & Thomas.
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