Running at Full Speed
Music by : Venus
Lyrics by : Marc A. Huyghens

Published by : EMI Publishing 2003

The demons try to catch me
They're coming so close to me
All those eyes that are holding me back
I can't talk, I can't shout

All those hands holding me
I'm so cold and you're not here
I go down to the bottom of the abyss
I'm sinking into the darkness

Running at full speed when I fall (4x)

O my god I feel alone
Above my head, a scarlet veil
Turns around my head and rips my veins
Tepid blood flowing on my hands

I slowly strangle her, and see
A red river leaving its stream
Drowning plains and flowing into the sea
I feel like I'm falling free

Running at full speed when I fall

- Running at full speed appears in the Vertigone album (2003).
Additional musicians : Nicolas Stevens - first violin, Pierre Laurent - second violin, Philippe Allard - viola, Jean-François Assy - cello, La Girolline - choirs
La Girolline is a children's choir from Charleroi (B) who sing on this great track.
This song is adapted from an original french version written by former scenograph Patric Carpentier (as credited in the Vertigone leaflet).
You won't tell me, I know it's hard
To keep your dream alive
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