In Dissolvenza
Music & Lyrics by : Paolo Benvegnu & Michela Manfroi

Published by : EMI Music Publishing Italia / Peer Edizioni Musicali / Mycotic Publishing
Mani sotto me
dipinge giallo, rosa, azzurro
e un pò più in là

Cielo e bianco
e sofisticazioni di messaggio
e un pò più in là

Mancando un attimo

Invincibile, impotente, illeso, trincerato in me

Mani su di te
sono incosciente, manca il cuore
e un pò più in là

(E ancora) buio e caldo
e finalmente esistere, arrivare
un pò più in là

mancando un attimo

un attimo

in dissolvenza

Mani su di te
sono incosciente

English "translation"

FADING [or Dissolving... as the movie effect]

Hands under me
It [He] paints yellow, pink, azure
and a bit further on there

Sky and white
and message sophistications
and a bit further on there

Missing a moment [or being nearly]

I'm invincible, unable, unharmed, entrenched in myself

Hands over you
I'm senseless, miss the heart
and a bit further on there

(And all over again) darkness and heat
and to exist, to arrive at last
a bit further on there

missing one moment

a moment


Hands over you
I'm senseless

- This song was written and performed by Scisma for their Vive Le Roi EP (1999).
- The Venus version of In Dissolvenza appears on the I am the Ocean EP (2000).

- Scisma have been great friends of Venus since 1998 and the Europa Connection vol. 4 compilation. The bass player of this band, Giorgia Poli, has composed the music of the Venus song I am the Ocean. Venus has also made a cover of this Scisma song from their EP Vive le Roi.
Now Scisma has split up.
- Many thanks to Dario Cecchin, from Italy, who sent me the lyrics and this attempt at a translation. Here's his disclaimer : "For what concerns the translation, Scisma is almost an 'impressionist' group and Paolo uses words as colours. The sky is not always blue or grey and the grass is not always green or natural. I hope you'll understand what I mean... so the translation may fake the intention of the author and surely it fakes the power of words. They portray emotions rather than caracthers or situations. Moreover lyrics for Paolo are extremely intimate. But just to make you understand the single words I try a literal translation." Thanks, man !

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