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The Man Who Was Already Dead - Cirque Royal de Bruxelles (B), Sept. 26th, 2000 : Setlist 

In bold, the songs one can find on the record :

1. Lisa Little Racket
2. White Star Line
3. Royalsucker
4. In a Long Moan
5. Ballroom
6. Monster
7. Pop Song
8. Don't say you need love (I know you do)
9. Perfect Lover
[just the four of them, without orchestra :]
10. Lisa Little Racket / Dizzy
11. Falling in love again
12. She's so Disco
[with the orchestra again :]
13. Mingle with the night
14. I'm the Ocean

On the record, the order of White Star Line and Royalsucker is reversed.


First half :
tract - front - 1st half
Second half :
tract - front - 2nd half

First half :
tract - back - 1st half
Second half :
tract - back - 2nd half

Here's how it works : the two halves from each side are pasted, and folded in four. The front looks more or less like this :
front folded




- Concert with the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles orchestra, conducted by Jean-Paul Dessy. This show was part of the festival Les Nuits Botanique in Brussels. For more details, see the record that was made from this concert.
- Thanks to Laurent V. for the setlist !
- Thanks to Tina for the ticket.
- Thanks to Thomas & Pierre.

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